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If you listen to the universe

When the universe tells you something do you listen?

When the silence cuts through the music and you feel your heart is in your belly and your mouth is dry, do you listen?

I need you to listen to the sounds of the stars flashing in the sky and the sadness in my eyes.

I need you to listen to the words I speak and tell me you know what promises to keep.

I need you to feel the fire of passion in your soul and maintain your composure.

Will you listen?

Will you feel?

Will you promise?

Will you please?

Will you transform into a million versions of yourself and melt into the fabric of the love that’s woven in the sky?

Can you hear it calling?

What’s it saying?

Where did it come from?

Will the sun still rise?

Let me know when you feel it.

I want to know.

I want to watch it happen.

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