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Zyndria is a New England native self taught artist who has had creativity woven through her life since her youth. During her primary and secondary education she explored studio arts and developed a passion for abstract art.


As her passion developed through her adolescence, she discovered a unique admiration for Eastern philosophy and culture. At 19 years old she began to teach herself Mandarin Chinese.


Zyndria was deeply moved by the beauty of Chinese Characters and fell in love with the language, and people of China.

In 2011 Zyndria moved to China where she would then spend 8 years of her life devoted to assimilating to Chinese culture and gaining experience as an Educator. From 2012-2014 while studying Philosophy at Southeast University she became deeply influenced by Daoism, Fengshui 风水, and living by the dualities of life.


At this time Zyndria began developing her portraiture technique and finding Yin 阴 qualities of expression while working with watercolor. It was her goal to find balance between her Western Yang 阳 upbringing and her new Eastern life.


From 2012-2018 Zyndria worked as an English Teacher and often devoted most of her free time to learning how to self heal through art.


Zyndria had recognized that in order to fully adapt to a new culture you must shed all that you knew of your home and surrender to what is present. It was during this time that Zyndria began to incorporate poetry, Mandarin Characters, and natural representations of flora into her artwork. Still maintaining abstract integrity, her artwork grew into a fluid spiritual representation of her time learning what it meant to live at one with the Dao.

In 2018 Zyndria moved to the Bay Area, California where she currently resides with her two cats that she rescued from China.


Zyndria spends her time developing her many passions, and has most recently completed and received a 200RYT certificate. She has also self published a book devoted to helping parents, nannies, and educators to educate their children with a S.T.E.A.M. based curriculum for Pre-K At Home Learning through the pandemic. 

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