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Can I show you the circles?

I felt the sickness like sugar burrowing into my teeth.

I saw it in their hands and in their feet.

Legs like trunks, rotting eyes, and sugar filled teeth.

Rotting lies, and society cries, it’s all for you for the money signs in your eyes.

This is for you, take it, please take it, and when you do you’re hooked, stuck in the loop of rotting eyes and sugar filled teeth stuck in the loop of an endless loop of loops and loops and loops until finally you take a step back and realize.

You cut the ties to those rotting eyes, and the sugar filled teeth, and the trunks that lead to the fat swollen feet.

You see your role from the comfort of your ____, in a parking lot filled with ravens, filled with people walking on swollen feet, filled with leaves, and filled with defeat, filled with lives, lies, and criminal ties.

Who do you think put you here?

Who do you think made you stuck in the ___.

In the rut.

The one who hides in madness and sunken eyes of surprise.

There’s one fine line between this and chaos.

Or is there another line more, one that defines what we should be within its sick society and its deceptive confines.

I could write circles around the lies and show you but would you be able to see? Would you be able to see all of the defeat and the way it’s hard to be?

Would you be able to hold your hand and walk with grace around the circles I trace around societies fake face?

📸photographs by @revelationspermoment

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