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I've turned your words into lavender

One thing I've learned through therapy is the importance of normalizing hearing voices. Not everyone hears voices, but some people do. Some people hear their own voice, speaking to them like a guide that offers support for external and internal experiences. Some people hear voices that were molded through their experiences of enduring some type of trauma. When we normalize hearing voices, we open ourselves up to a type of liberation that can allow us to feel comfortable in the experience of hearing voices.

Do you hear a voice or voices? Have you ever asked yourself if the words that are spoken are your words, or words from another? Do the voices sound like your voice or someone else’s? Whatever you hear, it’s okay. My voices come from people who have caused me harm in the past. I know those people were suffering in ways that I couldn’t offer support. I know those people still need support now.

I know that in honoring my voices I can in some way hold the hands of those who hurt me from a distance, and show them that if I can sit with my voices, they can too. And that they don’t need to let those voices out to harm others. They can sit with their voices, they can journal what their voices say, they can meditate with their voices, they can do art with their voices, they can shed and grow themselves many times again with their voices.

May we choose to live with compassion for our own and each other's unique human experiences, by allowing the space for chaos and the unknown to be known and embraced.

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